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Our Story

Hi, I'm Sharon, Alma's mother.
Even before Alma was born, I gained experience in the field of parenting and education - I have a bachelor's degree in early childhood education and specialization in special education, I accompany parents in sleep counseling and weaning from diapers according to the Larissa Ginat method and also a kindergarten director in special education.

But all this experience did not prepare me for the great toy attack that came after Alma was born. About 5 minutes into the maternity leave and our house turned from a house we designed to our liking into a plastic and colorful toy bomb. Some we got as a gift and some I bought for Alma thinking it was the developmental toy that would promote her. I realized very quickly that there was a problem here - some of the toys were unsafe (and at the age you put everything in your mouth, even toxic paint can be a danger) Some of the toys were just a gimmick - interested Alma for 5 minutes and were abandoned. With a heavy heart, we threw away and donated lots of toys. Alma, like any child, chose from all her toy mountain the keys to the car and the spoon in the kitchen.

Mi Alma fishing toy
Mi alma room
Alma on Mi Alma Board
Mi Alma animals toy
So what exactly did I do?

I began researching the subject to understand the true meaning of developmental toys and was exposed to the world of wooden toys and Montessori education. According to this approach, in order to develop, children need to be given the opportunity to explore independently, experiment, and imagine - and this is the role of toys in their lives. Toddlers can be seen fiddling for hours inserting and removing objects from a box but rarely are toddlers seen fiddling for hours with a plastic toy playing. In other words, the simplicity of the toy allows the child to activate the imagination, find various uses for it, and explore it from any direction. Unfortunately, after many searches there were not many toys of this type in the country and the few that came up a lot.
This is how we decided to establish Mei Alma for our Alma and for other parents in Israel who want to allow their children to develop creativity, use their imagination, and develop independently motorically and cognitively.

So what sets Mi-Alma apart?

After researching developmental toys around the world, each toy in Alma water was selected according to several parameters-
First of all quality safety and durability. Alma's toys have been designed to serve children for many years. They are not toys that are thrown away after 5 minutes and lose interest, they are toys that can be found in new and creative uses at any age. We chose to focus on oak toys that are durable, safe, and beautiful and not least important - ecological.

In addition, we were looking for open toys, not a toy where the toymaker activated the imagination but that children have a place to imagine. Also, toys that children of different ages can find different uses for. For example, our balance board can be a swing and slide for babies, a bridge for toy cars for toddlers, a balance board for yoga, Pilates for teenagers, and dozens of other things.
 Finally - aesthetics. Eventually, our children's toys are here to stay and become part of our home until the children become people ... and children to are comfortable playing with a beautiful object. We wanted to find toys that are pleasing to the eyes of adults as well, such as those that fit in the house, just like a spoon and keys of a car (: hope you enjoy the toys like us and like Alma,
In Love, Sharon Boim Alexandron

Girl sitting on Mi Alma Board
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