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Shipping & Returns


Up to 14 business days free shipping.
Up to 3 business days 20 NIS
Areas of exceptional destination, including localities in the Golan Heights, the northern border, localities in the Arab sector, localities in the Jordan Valley, localities beyond the Green Line (territories), localities in the Gaza Envelope, Eilat, the Dead Sea, and localities in the Arava.
4. In the periods prior to the holidays and during the holidays, there may be delays in distribution times, as well as during the month of November and the beginning of December (the month of the Internet holidays).
5. There is no entrance to Arab settlements/villages at risk and settlements beyond the Green Line that have a security risk


The regulations are worded in masculine for convenience only and apply to both sexes alike. The user will be entitled to cancel the transaction he made on the site in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, 5741-1981 (hereinafter: "Consumer Protection Law") or alternatively, to replace the product with an equivalent alternative product or monetary credit, all as specified below:


A. Cancellation of a transaction will be made within 14 days of receiving the product, or the disclosure document whichever is later.

B. Cancellation notice can be given orally by phone at 0544897224, in writing (registered mail to Disraeli 49, Haifa), email or through the website itself, at the designated link on the main page. The cancellation notice must state the name of the order holder, no. ID card, order number, and mobile phone number.
C. When canceling a transaction that is not due to a defect or non-compliance, due to non-delivery of the product on the set date, or any other breach of contract, the consumer's money is returned to him within 14 days of receiving the cancellation notice, except for 5% cancellation fees or NIS 100.

D. The product will be returned as far as possible, or reasonable in its original packaging.
God. The company will provide the consumer with a copy of the cancellation notice that the business provided to the credit company at his request.
E. A refund in case of cancellation of a transaction will be made through the credit card credit in which the transaction was made within 14 days of receiving the request to cancel the transaction and the returned item.
The exchange of the item in another product or its return against receipt of a financial credit will be done in the main warehouse of Mi-Alma, in accordance with the general exchange policy used in the "Mi-Alma network", as updated from time to time, within 14 days of receipt of the product by the user. .
F. For any questions related to inquiries, exchanges, returns, etc., please contact Mi-Alma's customer service department by email or call 0544897224.

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